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With email marketing you can bring your message directly to your customers rather than wait for them to come to you. Or look to search out new customers by letting them know about the goods or services you have to offer. Email marketing needn't just be about advertising to increase sales. It can be used as a means to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

When coupled with web design, Wired Progress can create bespoke HTML emails that stand out from the crowd. We can also design HTML email templates to use again and again to make the most of their cost.

As for knowing who to send emails to, Wired Progress can offer means to create recipient lists in a variety of ways as an alternative to purchasing them. Whether through a simple subscription link or via the customer databases of an e-commerce website, we can help to make sure your emails get to those who count.

Wired Progress can also provide the means with which to track just what happens when emails reach your clients. From this information an email marketing strategy can be refined and improved upon.